Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cho U's Good Start to Defend His Title

The first title match of Meijin title has been played. This year, Iyama Yuta (8 dan) rechallenge Cho U for his Meijin title. Last year Iyama also the challenger for the Meijin title, but he lost to the Meijin by 4-3 score.

The first game was played at September 3-4 in Sapporo.

Cho U played as black and Iyama played as white.
The first fight came early, as Iyama played a cross cut in the corner at move 14. Cho U attacked the group and Iyama tried to save it and stabilized his group in the right. The first day ended by Iyama Yuta did the fujite for move 84.

Iyama handed over the fujite move to Ishida Yoshio the referee.

Board position at the end of day 1

Day 2 started by Iyama playing J9, his fujite move.
Iyama tried to control the center by playing L14 at move 94. He aim for three black's weak stones in the center and to destroy black's top moyo. Iyama got some profit by attacking here.

The game became very close in the end and everything depend on the yose. I wonder if move 214 is the losing move for white. I think the move is rather slow and there are bigger points to play, like B11 or O14. After 304 moves, Cho U won the game by 0.5 points.

Cho U is smiling. He won the first match by very small gap.