Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wang Chenxing's Second Victory

It seems that Wang Chenxing from China doesn't want to stop yet. After a victory from Kim Yunyoung in the first round, she marked another victory by beating Yoshida Mika from Japan.

I wonder who are the three kids in the picture. Future pros?

The game started by Yoshida Mika (who played as black) playing the famous Japanese joseki in the bottom right corner. The joseki is considered as bad for black, but Cho U who holds 5 from 7 big titles in Japan played the joseki a lot.

Yoshida Mika vs. Wang Chenxing board position up to move 73

I think black's opening was slow. Especially move 39. The move gave white chance to invade with P17. Would it be better for black to enclosure the corner?

In the end black lost the game by resignation because run out of ko threat.

China is surely has a good start. I wonder if Wang will repeat Song's success last year.