Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lee Ishu Won the 34th Shinjin O Cup

Lee Ishu who early this year promoted to 7 dan as a result of entering the 34th Kisei League, won the 34th Shinjin O Cup.

Lee Ishu (7 dan)

The first game was played in September 16. Lee entered the final after beating Tamai Shin (2 dan) in the semi-final. The other finalist was Mitani Tetsuya (5 dan) who won his final seat from Seto Taiki (6 dan). Lee who played white won the first game by 1.5 points. The game was peaceful with no big fight involved.

The second game was played in September 25. This time the colors were reversed. Lee who played black won the game by resignation, after he killed Mitani's group in the right side.

The second game. Lee (far left) vs. Mitani (right)

Lee's career seems to be quite bright. He became shodan in the 2004 and only needs 5 years to achieve his 7 dan status. Of course this is not the fastest promotion record, but obviously he is the one to count in between the Japanese pros.