Saturday, March 29, 2008

One Win to Judan

Takao Shinji needs to win only one more game to win the Judan title, after beating Cho Chikun in the second game.

Cho Chikun lose the game after big fight in the middle. The fight started at move 42 when white aimed 3 black stones in the middle.

But in my opinion, the game, somewhat, doesn’t seem to be a professional game. Well at least it is for my eyes seem to be like that.

Maybe Cho Chikun is still tired after playing 7 matches Kisei title.

Monday, March 24, 2008

19th Korean Kiseong, Title Match #1

Kiseong is a title in Korea which equal to Japanese Kisei.
This year, The Kiseong title holder, Park Yeonghun 9p is challenged by Paek Hongseok 5p who defeat Lee Sedol 9p by 0.5 moku in challenger decision match. They will battle in a best of 5 match.
Park Yeonghun (left) vs. Paek Hongseok (right)
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The first game was played at March, 21 with Yeonghun as black and Hongseok as white and ended by Black victory.

I like black’s move (move 67), where black successfully invade white moyo and made the group alive.

First 67 moves

The game was still close at the end, but I don’t think white has the chance to turn the table around.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Manchurian Fuseki

Manchurian Fuseki

Manchurian fuseki is one of the Chinese fuseki variant. Manchurian fuseki is shown by the diagram below.

You can find about Manchurian fuseki in sensei’s too, but here I want to say what Ithink about this fuseki.

Just as Chinese fuseki do, Manchurian Fuseki also aiming to build a big moyo. The marked stone is used to create influence outside.
In my opinion, white can’t play the komoku, because it’ll give black what it wants

I don’t know whether this fuseki is ever been played at pro tournament or not, but right now I love to play this fuseki.

Please share your experience using this fuseki ^^

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

7th Chunlan Cup

Bad news for Japan’s go world from the 7th Chunlan Cup.

All of Japan’s representatives in the cup lose.

After hard first match for Japan, (all of the representatives lose, except Takao Shinji), the one and only representative lose to Kong Jie at the second round.

Here is the first round list:

1. Wang Yao 6p (B) vs. Kono Rin 9p (W) Result: B+R
2. Jimmy Cha 4p (B) vs. Imamura Toshiya 9p (W) Result: B+R
3. Won Sungjin 9p (B) vs. Pop Christian 7d (W) Result: B+R
4. Kobayashi Satoru 9p (B) vs. Chen Yaoye 9p (W) Result: W+R
5. Chen Shiyuan 7p (B) vs. Wang Xi 9p (W) Result: W+R
6. Ding Wei 9p (B) vs. Yoda Norimoto 9p (W) Result: B+R
7. Zhang Li 4p (B) vs. Takao Shinji 9p (W) Result: W+R
8. Zhou Junxun 9p (B) vs. Mok Jinseok 9p (W) Result :W+5.5

Here is the second round list:

1. Lee Changho 9p (B) vs. Chen Yaoye 9p (W) Result: B+3.5
2. Lee Sedol 9p (B) vs. Ding Wei 9p (W) Result: W+R
3. Gu Li 9p (B) vs. Weon Seongjin 9p (W) Result: B+R
4. Mok Jinseok 9p (B) vs. Zhou Heyang 9p (W) Result: W+R
5. Jimmy Cha 4p (B) vs. Huang Yizhong 6p (W) Result: W+5.5
6. Xie He 7p (B) vs. Wang Xi 9p (W) Result: B+R
7. Chang Hao 9p (B) vs. Wang Yao 6p (W) Result: B+R
8. Takao Shinji 9p (B) vs. Kong Jie 7p (W) Result: W+5.5

Takao Shinji vs. Kong Jie, first 31 moves

But Japan is luckier than Taiwan. Japan made it to second round, while all Taiwan players ( Chen Shiyuan and Zhou Junxun ) didn't manage to the second round.

Korea also in trouble. Only Lee Changho left, after other players defeated by China.
It seems that China will win this tournament. But we must wait ‘til the end to know the result.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

46th Judan Title, The First Match

The 46th Judan Title match starts this month.

This year, Cho Chikun, the Judan holder, challenged by Takao Shinji, Honinbo.

The first game was played at March, 6th , with Cho Chikun playing white and Takao Shinji playing black. This first game was won by Takao Shinji (B+R).

First 31 moves

Takao Shinji played his style, territory style (also called as thick style).
I think white problem is starting a family fight. Cho sensei tried to save his group at left side, but made his upper group weak and a semeai started.

But I’m impressed by Cho sensei’s ability to create a semeai..

My first post

My first post!!!!!!!!!

I think before I start it with a go/ baduk /wei qi topic, I think I should write the opening first J

This is a blog about traditional game from China. It is called igo in Japan, baduk in Korea, and wei qi in China.

I’ll try to write anything about go.

One thing, English is not my national language. It’s a foreign language here, so if you find anything wrong about the grammar, I’m soooooooooo sorry. I’m in a learning process for English.