Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Game To See (3)

Another day, another interesting game. This game came from the 62nd Japanese Honinbo league.

Black: Yamada Kimio (9 dan)
White: Kobayashi Satoru (9 dan)

White 10 The appropriate move. The ladder is unfavorable, so white must not attach at F17, since it allows black to get a strong position (10. W-F17,B-G17,W-G16,B-E17,W-F18,B-F15,W-E18,B-H16)

White 14 A strange move. Usually white play the suberi at F18. The outcome of the attachment only strenghtening black.

White 20 is an urgent move. It prevents black from creating a strong formation in the left side.

White 24 It is better to play R7 to settle the lone stone.

Black 29 is a good move. Punishing white's early mistake.

Black 39 The sequence from 32-39 is favorable for black. The position is hard for white now.

White 46 I wonder if the block at N12 is better.

Black 49 is a brave move. It's better to save the group completely by playing M13 or L12

White 56 is slow. I think it's better to leave the group and play tenuki

White 58 starts a fight, but the fight is not easy for white, due to black's thick position in the left.

White resigns at move 73. I think it's too fast to resign, perhaps white should defend with bamboo joint first at J13, then see what happen with the fight in the left.