Friday, May 16, 2008

63rd Honinbo Title, First Match

The first match of Honinbo Title has been played. Started out from 14 May and ended at 15 May.

In this game, Hane Naoki, challenger, played as white and lost by 3.5 points to Takao Shinji Honinbo.

Both players played out their best, especially Hane Naoki who played quite impressive yose skill, but the board has been a clear lead for black and white didn’t manage to catch up.
Board position up to move 36

One of white good yose was move 150 which using the aji of move 36.

Board position up to move 150

Territory counting, B+3.5

Thursday, May 8, 2008

19th Korean Kiseong, Title Match #2

Two players counting territory

Actually this match has been played lst month, but I’ll just make the review

After his lost in the first match, Park Hanseok took revenge. Hanseok played as black and won by 1.5 points. This make the position become 1-1 for Park Yeonghun and Park Hanseok.

This game is much more interesting than the last game. The big fighting is very interesting. The fight was started when white tried to play omoyo (big moyo) strategy and then black invade it. White tried to kill the stone, but didn’t managed to, then he chased another group.

Board position up to move 33

Game analysis

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

At Last

God, I'm so busy these days. But at last I get some spare times.
I'll start new post ASAP!!!! ;)