Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chunlan Cup's Official Website

Here is the link to Chunlan Cup's official website:

I got all the photo from there :)

Chunlan Cup Round 3 Pairing

It seems that there is a re-pairing for all 8 players in the 8th Chunlan Cup.

Here is the result:
Gu Lingyi vs. Gu Li

Gu Lingyi

Gu Li

Lee Sedol vs. Wang Xi

Xie He vs. Cho Chikun

Cho Chikun

Xie He

Heo Yeongho vs. Kong Jie

Kong Jie

Heo Yeongho

The Old Tiger Still Has Fangs!

The second round of the 8th Chunlan Cup was played on Monday, March 29.

A surprising result came from Cho Chikun of Japan. He beat Qiu Jun of China by resignation. Qiu Jun recently managed to the final of 14th Samsung Cup, but lost to Kong Jie by 2-0.

After all, it seems that the old tiger Cho Chikun still has his fangs.

You can download the game between Cho Chikun and Qiu Jun here

Here is the result of the second round:
Heo Yeongho (7 dan) of China beat Chang Hao (9 dan) of China by 0.5 points.
Kong Jie (9 dan) of China beat Choi Cheolhan (9 dan) of Korea by resignation.
Lee Sedol (9 dan) of Korea beat Sun Tengyu (4 dan) of China by resignation.
Wang Xi (9 dan) of China beat Yuki Satoshi (9 dan) of Japan by resignation.
Xie He (7 dan) of China beat Iyama Yuta (9 dan) of Japan by resignation.
Cho Chikun (9 dan) of Japan beat Qiu Jun (8 dan) of China by resignation.
Gu Li (9 dan) of China beat Yamashita Keigo (9 dan) of China by resignation.
Gu Lingyi (5 dan) of China beat Lee Changho (9 dan) of Korea by resignation.

8th Chunlan Cup

The 8th series of the international tournament hosted by China was started in March 27. 24 players from China, South Korea, Japan, Europe, and America compete to be number one.

Press conference

Chunlan company's Vice President

Zhongguo Qiyuan's president.

Here is the result of the first round:
Heo Yeongho (7 dan) of Korea beat Yoda Norimoto (9 dan) of Japan by 6.5 points.
Choi Cheolhan (9 dan) of Korea beat Hu Yaoyu (8 dan) of China by 0.5 points
Lee Sedol (9 dan) of Korea beat Zhou Junxun (9 dan) of Taiwan by resignation.
Yuki Satoshi (9 dan) of Japan beat Lin Zhihan (8 dan) of Taiwan by resignation.
Iyama Yuta(9 dan) of Japan beat Csaba Mero (6 dan amateur) of Europe by resignation.
Cho Chikun (9 dan) of Japan beat Kang Dongyun (9 dan) of Korea by resignation.
Yamashita Keigo (9 dan) of Japan beat Chen Yaoye (9 dan) of China by resignation.
Gu Lingyi (5 dan) of China beat Jiang Mingjiu (7 dan) of North America by resignation.

Japan did pretty well in round one, as 4 from 5 representatives managed to the second round. I'm very surprised by Cho Chikun's result, since Cho didn't show good performance recently in domestic tournaments.

The game between Iyama and Csaba was hard for Csaba. I don't think Csaba stood a chance in the game.

The game between Lee Sedol and Zhou Junxun is also interesting. Lee showed quite a skill in that game.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trivia: The Fame

Can you name the go player below?

EDIT: The answer is Umezawa Yukari (5 dan) of Japan.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Yuki Satoshi Won NHK Cup for Two Consecutive Years

A great news came for all Yuki satoshi's fans. For the second time, he won the speed go championship which broadcasted weekly, NHK Cup.

Last year, he won the final from Takemiya Masaki. This year, he beat Iyama Yuta Meijin in the final.

Yuki Satoshi

With this, both Yuki and Iyama will represent Japan in the Asian TV Cup. The other participants for Asian TV Cup are Lee Changho and Kang Dongyun of Korea. The representative of China is still unknown.

Here is the game record:

EV[57th NHK Cup final]
PW[Iyama Yuta]
PB[Yuki Satoshi]

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Takao Shinji Leads the 35th Meijin League

Takao Shibji,one of the top Japan player, currently leading the 35th Meijin League with a perfect 4-0 score!

Takao Shinji

So far, he scored his victories from Sakai Hideyuki (W+1.5), Ogata Masaki (B+R), O Meien (B+R), and Mizokami Tomochika (B+R).

What about the ex-Meijin, Cho U? He is currently at 2-1 position. He won from Yamada kimio (W+R) and from Mizokami Tomochika (B+8.5), while his one lost came from Yuki Satoshi.

Cho U

Both Takao and Cho will meet each other in the 6th round in May. Cho's opponent in the fifth round is Sakai Hideyuki, while Takao is not scheduled for the league game next month (since Meijin league has 9 players playing, one player will not play their game once.)

Here is two games from the league:

Takao Shinji vs. O Meien

EV[35th Meijin league]
PW[O Meien]
PB[Takao Shinji]

Cho U vs. Yamada Kimio

EV[35th Meijin league]
PW[Cho U]
PB[Yamada Kimio]

Friday, March 19, 2010

Yamashita Keigo Took the Lead

As I mentioned yesterday, the 65th Honinbo league is entering the final round with the end of the last game of the 6th round, between Yamashita Keigo and Takemiya Masaki.

Yamashita won the game as white with 4.5 points margin. With this, he is tied 5-1 to Iyama Yuta who was leading the league.

Yamashita Keigo

The last round will be played in April 1. If both Yamashita and Iyama won their games, Yamashita will be the challenger, but if both lose their games and Takao Shinji won his, he will challenge Hane Naoki to reclaim his title for the second time.

The challenger spot is still open for the three oft them.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Poll: Who Will be The 65th Honinbo Challenger?

Who Will be The 65th Honinbo Challenger?
Iyama Yuta
Takao Shinji
Yamashita Keigo
pollcode.com free polls

Iyama Yuta: The Next Honinbo Challenger?

The 65th Honinbo league is heating up with only one game left to go. So far, Iyama Yuta Meijin leads the league with 5-1.

Yamashita Keigo will decide his position today in a game against Takemiya Masaki. Yamashita currently at 4-1 position. If he win today's game, he will be at the same 5-1 position, thus gain the lead at the league, since his previous year's rank is better than Iyama.

Iyama Yuta

Yamashita Keigo

Takao Shinji is third with 4-2 position. He suffered two loses from Iyama Yuta and Cho U who recently won Kisei title and is fighting for his Judan title.

Takao Shinji

Three players are declared demoted already. They are Yuki Satoshi, Mimura Tomoyasu, and sadly, Takemiya Masaki who surprised everyone when he made to the league last year.

The last player to be demoted is the loser between Yamada Kimio and Cho U's match. Yamada is a 2-4 position, while Cho is at 3-3. If Yamada Kimio win his game, their position will be the same, at 3-4, but Yamada is ranked number 2, while Cho is ranked 4. Cho has a better record against Yamada. He beat Yamada 3-0 in the 57th Oza.

All the remaining game will be played in April.

Here is the pairing for the last round:
Takao Shinji vs. Mimura Tomoyasu
Yamada Kimio v Cho U
Yamashita Keigo vs. Yuki Satoshi
Iyama yuta vs. Takemiya Masaki

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Korea Stole the Title from China Again!

It was settled! Korea is the champion of the 11th Nongshim Cup!

It must be very disappointing for China, since they were doing very well, yet they can't win the title.

Lee Changho

Let's review the tournament from the first stage. Kim Jiseok of Korea was the star of the first round. He won the first three games (thus winning the consecutive prize money), before losing to Xie He of China in the fourth game.

When the tournament was continued in January, the spot light went to Xie He who won 4 consecutive games before losing to Japan's Honinbo, Hane Naoki. Hane Naoki then closed the second stage by beating Park Yeonghun in the tenth game.

The third stage was started at March 9. Liu Xing of China helped China team to strengthen their grip on the tournament. However, Lee Changho played all out and won the last three games from Liu Xing, Gu Li, and Chang Hao. It was such a drama this year!

I can understand how disappointed China team is.

Download the game: Lee Changho vs. Chang Hao

Why I said again in the title? Because the same thing also happened in the Jeongganjang Cup. When the third stage started at Jeongganjang Cup, China still has three members, while Japan and Korea only had one each. However, Park Jieun won all 4 games, thus winning the championship for Korea.

Signing an autograph. I want one too. Hehehehehe.

I must say that the two tournaments were very interesting this year.

Friday, March 12, 2010

China or Korea

The 11th Nongshim Cup is down to the climax part! Only two countries left with only one player representing each.

The 14th game is down to China's captain, Chang Hao vs. Korea's captain, Lee Changho.

The third stage was started in March 9. The first game was between Hane Naoki from Japan and Liu Xing of China. Hane lost the game by 5.5 points, thus eliminating Japan's hope to win the tournament, as their last player was eliminated.

Liu Xing (left) vs. Hane Naoki (right)

Download the game: Liu Xing vs. Hane Naoki

The next day, the last player of Korea, Lee Changho played Liu Xing. China was on the advantage side, since they still had three players. Liu Xing, Gu Li, and Chang Hao. If Liu won this game, China will once again triumph in this championship.

However, Lee pulled quite a game and saved Korea from losing by beating Liu Xing by resignation.

Liu Xing (left) vs. Lee Changho (right)

Download the game: Lee Changho vs. Liu Xing

The next player from China was the grand slam, Gu Li. It was interesting to wonder the outcome, since Gu Li's playing style is very aggressive, while Lee's is calm (though he seems to change a little nowadays).

Lee Changho once again played very well and won the game by resignation.

Download the game record: Lee Changho vs. Gu Li

Today, the last game is played. Who will be the winner? China or Korea?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Xie Yimin Beat Mukai Chiaki

Xie Yimin once again show that she is the number one female player in Japan.
She beat Mukai Chiaki (4 dan) in the second game of 22th Female Meijin.

Congratulations for Xie Yimin!

This is the game record. Black won by 2.5 points.

(;CA[Windows-1252]SZ[19]AP[MultiGo:4.4.4]GN[Rating game]DT[20011231 [23\:41\]]PB[Hsieh.Min 6DP]
PW[Mukai,Chia 4DP]KM[6.5]HA[0]RE[Black 2,5Win !]US[www.cyberoro.com]MULTIGOGM[1]

Sunday, March 7, 2010

First game of 48th Judan

The first game of the 48th Judan title match series was played at March 4. Guess who are the players. Yup. They are (again) Cho U and Yamashita Keigo.

After his previous lost at Kisei title series, for sure Yamashita is motivated to win Judan from Cho. Is the motivation enough to win the title? I don't know. But at least it wasn't enough to won the first game.

Cho U (left) vs. Yamashita Keigo (right)

The first game was won by Cho U who played black by resignation. The game was moyo game with both players built very big moyos. However, Cho attacked white's weak group and by a smart sequence, Ymashita was left with the options of letting the weak group go or lost about 15 points in his moyo. Yamshita chose the third option. Resigning the game.

EV[48th Judan title match 1]
PW[Yamashita Keigo]
PB[Cho U]

Xie Yimin Good Start

The 22nd Female Meijin title matches had started. The first game was played in
March 3.

This time, Xie Yimin Female Meijin is challenged by the youngest of Mukai sisters, Mukai Chiaki (4 dan).

Xie Yimin (left) vs. Mukai Chiaki (right)

This is Mukai Chiaki's second shot for a title. The first one was Female Kisei, but lost to the title holder, Umezawa Yukari.

While Xie just won her third big title, Female Kisei last month. The first game was won by Xie Yimin who hold white.

The next game will be played in March 10.

EV[22nd Female Meijin title match 1]
PW[Xie Yimin]
WR[Female Meijin]
PB[Mukai Chiaki]

Kono Rin Won NEC Cup

Kono Rin (9 dan) won the 29th NEC Cup. He beat previous champion, Hane Naoki Honinbo.
Here is the game record.

PB[Kono Rin]
EV[29th NEC Cup final]
PW[Hane Naoki]

Monday, March 1, 2010

Cho U Captured Kisei Title

At last! After a heartbreak lost for Cho U in the fourth game of the 34th Kisei title, Cho captured the title from Yamashita, after winning the fifth game by a small 1.5 points margin.

With this, Cho holds 4 titles (again) and revenge against his lost of his Tengen title to Yamashita Keigo.

Also with this, Cho has won all 7 big titles in Japan. An accomplishment that few players have achieved. The other player who ever won all 7 titles is Cho Chikun.

Congratulations Cho U!!