Friday, September 25, 2009

Aoki Kikuyo Concluded the First Stage

The last round of the first stage of the 8th Jeongganjang Cup has been played. This time, the match is between Wang Chenxin (2 dan) from China against Aoki Kikuyo (8 dan) from Japan.

Wang (left), Aoki (right)

The game is somewhat full of Chinese style. Aoki who played black opened the game with the low Chinese opening. Wang played the two spaces low approach to counter black's opening. The approach was invented by Yu Bin (9 dan) from China several years ago.

Aoki Kikuyo vs. Wang Chenxin board position up to move 89

Aoki Kikuyo played pincer in response of white's approach. Some say that the pincer is not good in this condition, since it gives white a big corner and suggest the hit shoulder at O4. However, the pincer seem to be Aoki's favorite move. She also played the same opening last year in her game against Song Ronghui (though she lost that game).

The first big trade was made early in the game. At move 68, Wang chose to capture black's stone in the center in return of her corner. However, white played a tesuji at L17 to capture black's group in the upper board, but it seems that black was ready to sacrifice the group.

Another big trade was made at move 123, where Aoki got the bottom left corner in exchange of her group in the left side. After the trade, black was ahead in territory.

The game looked close when the yose started, but later Wang made a blunder when she connected her stones with K12. It let Aoki played a tesuji at L14 and captured Wang's group. Wang should connect at K14 instead of K12 so the game would be very close.

Wang resigned at move 241. She was behind about 6 points including komi.

Wang Chenxing

With this victory, Aoki Kikuyo from Japan sealed the first stage and will open the second stage by playing one of South Korea's team member. Before that, Aoki will challenge Xie Yimin for her Female Honinbo title in the early October.

Aoki Kikuyo