Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cho U Stole Tengen From Kono Rin

The third game of 34th Tengen-sen had been played.

Cho U won the third game and also won the title.

The game was played in December 4th.

At the beginning of the game, Kono Rin able to secured territories in the right side, but Cho U gained moyo in the bottom board and Kono's group in the upper board wasn't settled yet (though I don't think it would be killed).

Kono Rin (B) vs. Cho U (W), up to move 59

After 202 moves, Kono resigned.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Takao Shinji Closed the Second Stage

After won for five concecutive times in the 10th Nongshim Cup, Kang Dongyun from Korea was stopped by Takao Shinji, Judan from Japan.

Takao Shinji, Judan

Playing white for the first time, Kang Dongyun resigned after 165 moves.

the sequence from 23-28 is interesting. White didn't really try to attack black's two stones and black got a good shape and sente.

Takao Shinji (B) vs. kang Dongyun (W), up to move 63

Many people didn't expect Takao Shinji to won this match actually, but perhaps Kang Dongyun was exhausted to play so many games concecutively.

This win is very important for Japan. At least they got one win in this 10th tournament. They haven't won even a single match before.

But it seems pretty hard for Japan to win this year, with only Takao Shinji left, while China still has Chang Hao and Gu Li, while Korea still has Lee Sedol and Lee Changho, the iron gate of this tournament.

Kang Dongyun's Fifth Concecutive Victories

After succeed in the four previous matches, Kang Dongyun from Korea lengthened his winning streak with beating Qiu jun 8d from China who won Liquang Cup and Chang-qi this year.

Taking black for the fifth time, Kang won the game by resignation.

I think the opening was better for Kang, since he got turtle shell in the middle and got 2 corners.

Kang Dongyun (B) vs. Qiu Jun (W), up to move 55

Qiu Jun resigned after 223 moves