Friday, September 25, 2009

Interesting Third Game

The third game of the 34th Meijin title match has been played. Both Cho U, Meijin and Iyama Yuta the challenger share 1-1 point and whoever won the third game will lead the title match. The game was played at September 24-25 in Takarazuka, Hyogo.

Cho (who played as black) opened the game by building influence in the bottom board. A semeai started as black chased white's invading stone. Cho split white's groups and tried his best to attack it.

Day one ended by Iyama (for the third time in the series) did the sealing move for move 86.

Iyama handled his sealing move.

Day 2 started by Iyama playing K5, his sealing move. Cho played a ko fight in return, and the game became very difficult for both of them.

The start of day 2

At move 138, the game became more interesting, as Iyama started another ko fight, while the previous ko fight was not concluded yet. Twenty moves later, the third ko fight appeared.

Cho U vs. Iyama Yuta board position up to move 86

Iyama's decision to continue the ko fights was brave. He didn't want to share the ko with Cho. Cho cut Iyama's group at move 205 and the game would be decided by whether white's group can survive or not.

The battle went complicated, until Iyama tried the cut at move 244. Cho played G10, answering Iyama's cut, however it was a big mistake. Iyama played E13 which gave him miai between D13 and E12. Black should played F11 instead and won the game. Perhaps Cho was already exhausted from a long and difficult game.

Iyama lead the title matches by 2-1.


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