Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wang's Third Victory

Wang Chenxing (2 dan) really rocks the first stage of the 8th Jeongganjang Cup. After her two previous victories, today Wang won another game against Yun Jihee (2 dan) from South Korea.

Wang (left), Yun (right)

The game started with a strange sequence in the top right corner, starting with a rare three spaces high pincer by Yun who played as black. Instead of the normal move at R18, white played a tobi tsuke at P15. The sequence up to move 28 is a new sequence for me.

Wang Chenxing vs. Yun Jihee board position up to move 83

Another strange development in this game is black's nobi at move 89. Usually black will directly enter the corner.

Black 133 is the losing move. I don't see what black wanted to accomplish by playing yhis move. It's not sente and the worst is, black let her big group in the corner die!

Later Yun tried to kill white in the middle, but Wang was calm and played a ko fight which is impossible for black to win, because she was short of ko threats. White won by resignation.

Wang is one step closer of repeating Song's 6 concecutive victories in the previous Jeongganjang Cup.