Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hane Naoki Took Revenge

After lost in the first 3 matches, Hane Naoki took revenge in
the fourth game of 63rd Honinbo.

This time, Hane Naoki defeted title holder, Takao Shinji by resignation.
First 41 moves

The problem for Takao came after he tried to split black's group.
It did success, but at the same time, it made white group in the
bottom weaker and caused a family fight, ended up with black killed white in the corner,
while the profit white gained in the center couldn't give him enough points to win.

The splitting move

Hane Naoki did very great. Eventhough in a great pressure, he still can won
the match.

The fifth match will be played in Chosi, Chiba

Will Hane Naoki again win the match and make the gap smaller, or will Takao Shinji
keep his title for another year? We will now at July, 1st and 2nd live in IGS

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Takao Shinji Has the Lead

Hane Naoki is in a great pressure now. After lost to Takao Shinji in the second title
match, he lost again in the third match.

Hane Naoki played oomoyo strategy in the beginning, but Takao manage to destroy it.
In my opinion, White didn't get much after his moyo destroyed. White's wall wasn't very good.

After 245 moves, Hane resigned.

Now Hane Naoki is in a trouble. He must win the last 4 matches if he want to capture
the title from Takao Shinji. Will it be a miracle comeback? Time Will tell.

63rd Japanese Honinbo, Title Match #2

After beating Hane Naoki in the first match, Takao Shinji beat him again in the second match.

This time Takao Shinji (W) won by resignation after he cut Hane Naoki's hane stone and got about 10 points lead.

With this won, Takao has the lead by 2-0.

Hane Naoki must fighting hard to win the third match or he must won 4 straight matches to win the title.