Friday, September 18, 2009

Iyama Won the Second Game

After a pitiful 0.5 point lost in the first game of the 34th Japanese Meijin title match, Iyama Yuta won the second game by resignation.

The game was played in Kuwamoto with Iyama played black this time, while Cho played as white.

The game started unusually, with Cho's joseki choices in both upper right and left corner. He chose to play nadare at both corner. Iyama accepted the first nadare invitation by playing O17 which lead to oonadare, but he played C17 in the second nadare to avoid the complication. The first day ended with Iyama did the sealing move for his move 79.

Iyama handled the sealing move to the referee.

Day 2 started with Iyama connecting his stones with Q8. Iyama's decision to played move 81 was brave. He chose to abandon the easy connect at S10, though in the end he managed to save the groups with a clever sequence.

In the end, Iyama won the game at move 256. I think black was leading about 6 or 7 points on the board.

Iyama Yuta - Cho U : 1- 1