Wednesday, September 23, 2009

8th Jeongganjang Cup

The 8th Jeongganjang Cup has been started. The three teams from China, South Korea, and Japan will fight all the way for victory.

The first game has been played. It is between Wang Chenxing (2p from China) and Kim Yunyoung (1p from South Korea) in Canton, China.

Kim Yunyoung (who played black) started the game by occupying 3 corners. White played for influence by pressing black in the upper right corner. Black entered white's corner with sansan invasion at move 37. For some reasons, I think the timing is dubious, since it allows white to got a big moyo in the left. Black tried to reduce the moyo by playing F12, but later white successfully captured the group, by attacking black's weak group in the bottom.

Kim Yunyoung

Wang Chenxing

In the end, white won the game by a big margin. White won by 10.5 points. This is a good example of a winning game, even though one lost all 4 corners.

Though she won by a big margin, Wang doesn't seem to be pleased by her game. I wonder why.

Though she later cheered up when Song Ronghui came.

Wang will play Yoshida Mika from Japan in the next round.

Jeongganjang (some say that the correct spelling is Cheongkwanjang) Cup is a female team tournament, sponsored by a Korean ginseng company. I'm curious how ginseng tastes...