Saturday, August 29, 2009

Takemiya's League Return

Takemiya Masaki who is famous for his cosmic style, made a great comeback by entering the 65th Honinbo league after a long absent. He beat Ishida Atsushi in the final game of the last preliminary round.

The author of "Imagination of a Go Master" said during his visit in the U.S Go Congress that he is getting younger by learning tango dance. It seems to be true. Last year, he made it to the semi-final of the 34th Gosei sen, but lost to Yuki Satoshi (who won the right to challenge Cho U gosei, after winning the final from Iyama Yuta). Early this year, he entered the final of the 56th NHK cup, but lost to Yuki Satoshi again. He seems to showing good result, even though he is 58 years old now.

Takemiya commenting a game during this year's USGC. Credit for this photo goes to American Go E-Journal

Some notable games during his prelim rounds are his game against Kono Rin (9 dan) and Iguchi Toyohide (7 dan.