Friday, January 14, 2011

The Strongest Taiwan Female Player

Hei Jiajia (a.k.a Joanne Missingham) shows an excellent performance in 2010. She was the runner-up at the international female tournament 1st Qionglong (or Bingsheng) cup, she scored 2-1 at the Asian New Star Cup (she was the only player who scored victory in Korea-Taiwan match), and also she won the qualification league of the 3rd Qisheng cup with a perfect 5-0 score. What more impressive is the fact that she was promoted to professional in January 2010 and already promoted to 2 dan at the end of the year (which usually is a sign of a strong newcomer).

Hei Jiajia at the 1st Bingsheng Cup

Recently, Taiwango website wrote that she'll be promoted to 5 dan due to her great performance at Bingsheng cup.

Ms. Missingham also started this year very well by winnning the preliminary of the 4th Qiwang Cup. She won the winner section, scored victories against Zhang Zhengping (2 dan), Lin Xiuping (3 dan), Xia Daming (5 dan), and Lin Yuxiang (3 dan). She'll play at the 8 players league along with Lin Zhihan Guoshou, Xiao Zhenghao Tianyuan, Lin Lixiang (3 dan), Lin Shuyang (6 dan), Zhou Junxun (9 dan) the other one who won the winner section, and two other players who win the loser section. The winner of the league will challenge Chen Shiyuan in a 7 games title match series.

You can see her final game here .

With all the achievements, I think we can say that she is the current #1 female player in Taiwan. Good luck to her for this year.


HandA said...

I know from Asiad 2010. What a pretty girl AND she's strong too!. I really hope she gets even better and win tournaments soon.