Saturday, January 15, 2011

First Tsumego of the Year

This is the first tsumego of the year. White just played at A. Instead of playing at B, black decided to tenuki. Is this a correct choice for black? Why? Have fun guys :D


Anonymous said...

Black's play is correct. White is alive. If black plays at B, white plays at T14 and connects.

Anonymous said...

W T14, B T13, W P15, B Q15, W P13, B P15, W T16, B R14.

I dont see white connecting. It looks one move out to me.

Nate said...

WP13 threatens to make two eyes.
BP11 prevents that.
WQ11 captures three, again threatens to make two eyes.
BR10 prevents that.
WT13 threatens to connect to the upper corner.
BT14 prevents the connection.

Now black cannot repair his double vulnerability by capturing P15.