Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lee Changho Won Game 1

The 54th Kuksu title match series has started. The first game from the best of 5 was played at January 12. Choi Cheolhan (9 dan) challenges Lee Changho Kuksu for his title.

Lee Changho (right) who won the 11th Nongshim Cup for Korea.

The game started casually. Lee Changho (white) went for the corners while Choi Cheolhan created a moyo at the bottom board. Choi attacked Lee's group early in the game with move 75 and put white group to a ko fight to alive. Lee chose to abandon it and cut black's stones instead.

Choi Cheolhan

Choi Cheolhan's trouble started from the shoulder hit at move 82. Choi decided to come out instead of assuring his life with B12, because white's moyo will be too deep if he let white played D14. Lee Changho played a great sequence up to move 114 and then directly cut black's group with white 116. Lee then created a ko fight to determine the status of Choi's group, but then it became clear that white's group at the right side still had a big aji. Choi resigned without fought the ko.

The second game will be played at January 14.

Here is the game record:
Lee Changho (white) vs. Choi Cheolhan (black). Resut: W+R

EV[54th Kuksu title match 1]
PW[Lee Changho]
PB[Choi Cheolhan]


dtslife said...

Nice job pin pointing exact moves.
I think Choi Cheolhan was wary of Lee Chang Ho's moyo and wanted to reduce it, so he ran out on move 85.
I was wondering what resources you use for your commentary or is it just from your own judgement?

Biondy said...

hai. thank you for visiting my blog. the comments are my personal judgement, so if you find anything inappropriate, please let me know :)