Monday, April 5, 2010

Yamashita Keigo Challenges Hane Naoki

It seems that Yamashita Keigo is in his best condition. While he is still challenging Cho U for the Judan, Yamashita again challenges for another title. This time is one of the top 3 title, Honinbo.

Both Yamashita Keigo and Iyama Yuta ended up with 6-1 score at the end of the league, so a challenger decision's game was set to be played today. Many thought that Iyama will win the game, however, Yamashita showed his power as one of the four emperors by beating Iyama Meijin, thus winning the challenger's seat.

Since November 2009 until now, Yamashita has been playing in 4 title matches. Starting from Tengen (where he won the title from Cho U by 3-2 score), Kisei (he lost his title by 4-1 to Cho U), Judan (he is in losing 2-0 position against, again, Cho U), and then Honinbo (which first game will be played in the May 11,12).

Let see how thing will going on for Yamashita this time.


bazyn said...

Is the sgf file availabe somewhere?

Biondy said...

hmm... I don't know, but so far I haven't seen the game yet (it wasn't broadcasted on Cyber Oro either...)