Saturday, April 10, 2010

23rd Fujitsu Cup

The annual Fujitsu Cup is back. The oldest international go championship celebrates its 23rd edition this year.

The first round was started this morning in Japan. Sixteen players competes in the first round to decide who will advance to the next round. Here is the match pairing and my impression of the game so far (it was about 50 moves or less when the last time I watched it online)

The seeded players.

Chang Hao (9 dan) of China vs. Park Junghwan (7 dan) of Korea
A fight started in the corner and Park able to won it and got a corner.

Anzai Nobuaki (6 dan) of Japan vs. Chen Shiyuan (8 dan) of Taiwan
The game was hard for Anzai. He has one weak group in the center and his group in the left side is not settle yet.

Takao Shinji (9 dan) of Japan vs. Fernando Aguilar representative of South America
Takao got a big side in the left board, while Aguilar still has a weak group in the center. I think Takao Shinji was leading.

Korea players

Piao Wenyao (5 dan) of China vs. Jie Li representative of North America
Piao launched a splitting attack at two Jie Li's groups in the bottom board. The fight seems hard for Jie Li.

Kim Jiseok (7 dan) of Korea vs. Alexander Dinerchtein (3 dan) of Europe
The game is still even I think. Alex didn't defend his two stones in the upper left corner, but it still has a big aji which he can use later.

Choi Cheolhan (9 dan) of Korea vs. Hane Naoki (9 dan) of Japan
Hane has a strong attack in the upper board. The game is still even.

Qiu Jun (8 dan) vs. Sakai Hideyuki (7 dan) of Japan
Sakai Hideyuki was doing well against Qiu Jun. Both got a big corner, but Qiu has a strong influence in the right side.

China players.

Ishida Yoshio (9 dan) vs. Mok Jinseok (9 dan) of Korea
Ishida Yoshio is the biggest surprise this year!! Ishida got a ponuki in the left side, but I personally think it's a little bit hard for him to use the ponuki. Actually I'm kinda rooting on Ishida sensei. It'll be amazing if he can beat Mok.

Japan players.