Friday, April 2, 2010

Gu Was Summoned for A Dressing-Down

I found an interesting story from English Nihon Kiin's website, considering Gu Li. Here is the story I quote from the site:

One interesting point was that China did not field Gu Li as their final player. Gu has had dismal results in recent international tournaments, and it seems Chinese officials have lost confidence in him. In his Nihon Ki-in blog, Mimura Tomoyasu 9-dan reported rumours that after his Nong Shim loss Gu was summoned by the Chinese coach for a dressing-down. He was admonished to change his lifestyle and to study more. We were under the impression that he already put in extra time on study on top of the compulsory daily sessions at the Chinese Go Association's headquarters. Being a national hero in China does not come without a price.

Well, it is never easy to be a hero. Good luck for Gu Li!