Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Template

I change the template from the old Cosmic template to this Chinese Art template.

Hope you like it :)


TaoTeaKing said...

Your design is cool ... i like it very much.

I will put you in my Link section at:

I don`t have this typical "blogroll" on the right side jet ... but i think i will establish this soon.

By the way i think it is a good idea to write a blog about women in go! Very nice! It should not be the same as with women's football ... but at the moment it is ... the go women-go-world is not that much perceived ... (no?) ... Have a nice day! Bye,

Biondy said...

Hi Amon. Thanks for stopping by.
The template is not designed by me. This is just a free downloaded template from the web. I can't make a template. :( (I'm still learning though).

I created Women In Go since I think the "world" itself is not much known (exposed maybe?). One of the purpose of this blog is So people will know about Women in go :)

TaoTeaKing said...

It looks a little bit like a bloody combat on a goban ... :-)

This blog looks great ... no matter if it is a template or not.

But ... same thing with books ... the most important thing is not the design but the content ... and i like your content as well.

Biondy said...

thank you very much :)