Friday, April 30, 2010

Cho U Broke the Spell

It seems that Cho U finally broke the spell cast on him. He is the current top player in Japan with multiple titles and only few players can took him down. But one player has very positive result gainst him. He stole Meijin and Ryusei from Cho's hand last year. Yup, it is Iyama Yuta.

Cho seems to be weak against Iyama recently. He lost his Meijin title by 4-1 score (all lost by resignation) and lost at Ryusei final by 3.5 points to Iyama.

Cho U(left) vs. Iyama (right) at 2009 Meijin.

However, Cho successfully broke the spell by winning the game between the two of them at the second round main tournament of 36th Tengen sen. Cho won the game by resignation.

Sadly I can't find the game record.