Thursday, April 22, 2010

LG Cup Preliminary

The LG Cup is back. The big event hosted by Lucky Goldstar company along with Chosun Ilbo is back with its 15th edition. Players from South Korea, China, Japan, and Taiwan gathered for a one week prelim in Korea.

So far the prelim already entered semi-final. There are lot of surprises this year.
Three amateur players made it to the semi-final and 5 female players made it through so far. Quite an unusual number.

Kang Seungmin is the first ama in the semi-final. He beat Ryu Shikun (9 dan and ex-title holder) from Japan in the second round, he he beat Kim Donghee (2 dan) of Korea to made his way.

In Sangyoun is the second ama. He won from 3 pro players to won his semi-final seat. Honestly, I don't know many about the pros he beat, so I can't compare Kang and him.

The last ama is Kim Namhoon. He beat Kim Younghwan (9 dan) of Korea and Tan Xiao (3 dan) of China.

Many low dan (1-3 dan) players also made it to the semi-final.

Cai Jing (2 dan) of China is one of them. He'll play Han Sanghoon (4 dan) of Korea in the semi-final. Han is more famous than Cai, so perhaps many people will rooting to him.

Kim Kiwon (1 dan) of Korea will face Shuto Shun (7 dan) of Japan.

Lee Wondo (3 dan) who beat Diana Koszegi in the first round will play Jiang Weijie (5 dan) of China in the semi-final.

Lee Wondo (right)

Two low dan players will play each other in the semi final. Lee Hyeonho (2 dan) of Korea and Lin Yuxiang (3 dan) of Taiwan. It'l be nice for Yuxiang to win. Taiwan's go need some boosts in international area.

Fujita Akihiko (2 dan) of Japan will play Kang Changbae(1 dan) in the semi final.

Fujita Akihiko

Wang Tao (3 dan) of China will play Cho Kyungho (2 dan) of Korea.

Hirata Tomoya who just became pro in 2009 will play one of top China's female player Lu Jia (2 dan). I'm interested in the result.

Hirata Tomoya

There are still many low dan players in the semi-final. Good luck for them :)

Break time!!

The semi final will be played at April 22 and the final games in the next day.

You can read the list of female players who managed to the semi-final here.