Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lee Changho In Danger

Lee Changho (Myeongin) started his Myeongin (Meijin) league badly with 2 consecutive loses to An Kukhyun (1 dan) and Kang Dongyun (9 dan).

However, he managed to revive with his victory over Baek Hongsuk. Not stopping there, he won another game 2 days ago from Kim Seongjae (4 dan) and keep his chance to win league A.

Lee Changho

But this task seem to be very hard. There are three other players who have 2 victories are Lee Sedol, Kang Dongyun, and An Kukhyun.

Kang is leading with a perfect 2-0. He also still has 3 more games to be played. Meanwhile, Lee Changho is down to last game against Lee Sedol.