Saturday, July 17, 2010

Japan's Asian Games Representative

Here is the news from Nihon Kiin's English website:

Japan has announced its team for the 16th Asian Games, in which go will be an official competition sport for the first time. The games will be held from 12 to 27 November in Guangzhou, China, and there will be three go events – men’s and women’s team competitions and Pair Go.

Male players: Yamashita Keigo, Iyama Yuta, Takao Shinji, Yamada Kimio, Yuki Satoshi, Akiyama Jiro, Shuto Shun.

Female players: Umezawa Yukari, Yoshida Mika, Suzuki Ayumi, Mukai Chiaki, Osawa Narumi.

For the male team, I personally agree with the choices like Yamashita Keigo, Iyama Yuta, Takao Shinji, and Yuki Satoshi. However, the rest 3 players are kinda strange for me. I personally prefer Hane Naoki instead of Yamada Kimio. Yamada doesn't show good result at International tournament.

As for the female team, Yoshida Mika and Osawa Narumi also strange for me. I prefer Aoki Kikuyo and Koyama Terumi or Mannami Kana in the team. I also have a mixed feeling about Umezawa Yukari. Perhaps she'll play at the mixed pair with Takao Shinji. They were Japan's representative at the last Pair Go World Championship.