Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tsumego (9) : Answer

Here is the answer for Tsumego (9)

A2 is the correct answer in this situation. White can capture it, but it'll be a snapback

Playing 1 at the following diagram is acceptable, but black will survive..


Sorin Gherman said...

Black 9 is not necessary in dia 1 - since black can make two eyes in the corner.
White 6 is not good actually - white should play at 8 instead of 6, then it is sente.
Sure, the main point is that black's life status won't change, but sometimes details matter.

Biondy said...

Hi Sorin. Thank you for pointing out about details in the answer. I didn't think about the details when giving the answer, since I only wanted to show that black live, but perhaps I should care about it.

Next time I'll try to care more about things like this. Thank you very much :)