Friday, December 25, 2009

Tsumego (12) : Answer

This is the answer for Tsumego 12

T11 is the correct answer here. Black answer at 2 to prevent white to connect. White exchange move 3-4. Move 5 is the key
move here. Black answer at T9, trying to separate white and attempting for second eye. White play another good move, S11.
The only way to get out for black is to play T10, but white will cut at R10 and it is a double atari. Black captured the 2 stones with T12, but white will simply play Q10, leaving black with only 1 eye.

Black can't defend at T10 (at move 6). White will play T9, black defend at Q9, white play Q10 and leave a muau at A and B.

What if black play S12 instead of T13? White will play Q10. Black try to defend with Q9 but white wil play S11. Black defend with T10. White play
R10, forcing white to capture, then white play T8, leaving miai at A and B.

What if white play Q10 as his first move? Black will play T11 and give him two eyes at A and B.

Also the move at S12 doesn't work, due to the following sequence, giving black two eyes at A and B.