Monday, December 28, 2009

Tsumego (13) : Answer

Here is the answer for Tsumego (13)

White resigned because she lost the semeai in the right side. She'll lose her group around P17. Let's see why.

Since it's white turn, white can attempt the an eye with P13 (1). Black will play 2 and white will naturally play 3.
Black 4 is the killing tesuji here. White must capture with 5, then black will play the throw in at 6. White
can't capture the black stone at 4, since it'll be a snapback, so white play 7 and black wil answer at 8, erasing the second eye.

Too easy for black

White can try P19, which is trickier than the previous variation.

Let's try to perplex black :)

Black can try N19, but it is a failure for black. White will capture the two stones, then black can try to play P18. White will fail if she answer at Q18 because black will simply connect at M19. The correct nswer for white is Q19. Leaving A and B as miai for white.

OOps.. White alive.

The correct answer for black is M19. White will again capturing with Q19. Black continue with throw in at P18 leaving A and B
as miai for black and white is left with only an eye.

White die.

This position came from game between Yun Jihee (white) vs. Lee Minjin (black) at the 15th Korean Female Kuksu, round 1.