Tuesday, December 22, 2009

China Keep the Lead

After eliminating Aoki Kikuyo from the competition, Park Sohyun from Korea met Cao Youyin from China in the second game of the second round of the 8th Jeongganjang Cup.

Park who played as white in the previous game got reversed color in this game.

Cao Youyin (left) vs. Park Sohyun (right)

The game opened by black making a wall in the upper board by attacking white's group, but Cao Youyin took the chance when she got sente by making a shimari in the bottom board.

At move 52 white played a capping move, trying to reduce black's moyo. Black responded by also playing a capping move in white area. White's response was aggressive. Playing a pincer and started a semeai.

Black tried to attack white's weak group after her attacked group connected to the upper board.She got some advantage from attacking, but the gap is still big for white who took the advantage when attacking black's group.

Board position up to move 107

Black tried to make a comeback, by attempting to kill white's group. The game turned to a live or dead ko for white. White saved her group when she decided to ignore black's small ko threat and captured black's stone. I wonder if black can skip move 187 and played T18 instead, though move 187 gave a connection between black's group, but it gave white a better chance to live. After all it was a do or die ko for Park.

I think the one who stand behind Cao Youyin is Yu Bin (9p from China) who is the coach for China's Jeongganjang team.

Park Sohyun resigned to Cao Youyin at move 218. Cao Youyin will play one of Japan's member today. With Cao's victory, China keep the lead by still having 4 members in the competition.