Friday, April 1, 2011

KGS to Change Kibitz Policy

It seems that KGS made an important change about the TOS. What do you think about this?

Important: Terms of service changed, effective immediately
There have always been countless complains about the kibitz in games on KGS. Offtopic chat, spamming and flooding, rude and idiotic remarks were not as unusual as one ought to hope.

Lately though, this issue became more salient, to the point that both the admins and the users could not ignore it any longer. Therefore, the senior admins together with wms developed a new policy to address the problem at hand and hopefully provide a sufficient and acceptable solution for everyone.

The new policy takes effect immediately and consists of these changes to the terms of service (TOS):

* ANY non-game related chat as well as any kind of flooding is not allowed and will be punished by immediate booting. No warning will be given (!). Since this is going to be very common, there is no block duration ("ban"), victims may come back right away. Repeated offenders will be banned as necessary, though.

* Rude and snarky remarks (including, but not limited to “ is weak”) will be punished by a ban for no less than 1 day. The obession of some users with calling out the "obvious mistakes" of 9-dan-players will not be tolerated.

In the first few days after introduction of the new TOS, some users may not yet be aware of the changes yet. We encourage everyone to tell their friends about it as soon as possible, since there will be NO interim arrangement.
We are very sorry to have to resort to these measures, but we firmly believe this benefits the KGS community in the long run.

To ensure enforcement of the new TOS, new junior admins will be recruited. We have already designated a large range of people and keep looking for more. Please do NOT apply to be an admin: Don’t call us, we’ll call you!


avidya said...

Good one Biondy :). Is this your April fools day joke or KGS's?

MAR said...

You got me!

Biondy said...

@avidya and MAR:
LOL. I got this from KGS website. I don't know either it's their April Fools' joke or not :)

sixko said...

I wholeheartedly endorse this new policy!

Anonymous said...

It is very doubtful that this is a joke. It was announced publicly on the official KGS website ( as well as their twitter account (!/gokgs/status/53607547113975808). I asked several admins and the policy change was confirmed. In the kghin-chenns game I witnesses several bootings already, so... let's hope they keep it up!

Biondy said...

thank you for the clarification. hope KGS will be a better place to learn igo