Monday, March 28, 2011

Korea Won Jeongganjang

After three consecutive victories, Rui brought the tournament to its climax. It was a showdown between China's strongest team member vs. Korea's strongest team member, Park Jieun (9 dan).

Park Jieun (left) vs. Rui Naiwei (right).

The game quickly turned to a big frame game. Park who played white entered Rui's influence sphere with white 46. Rui strengthen the upper side and finally got her attacking chance with black 77 and black 87. However, Park played it cool and got out with white 144. White then played the finishing blow, white 146 and it wasn't long before black resigned.

With this victory, Korea has won the championship 4 times, while China won 3, and Japan never won the tournament before.

Happy faces of Korean team.

Top prize is 75,000,000 Won (approx. $ 67,000), and for runner up is 15,000,000 Won (approx. $ 14,000).

Prizes for players who won at least 3 consecutive times

Here is the game record:
Park Jieun (white) vs. Rui Naiwei (black). Result: W+R

(;CA[Windows-1252]SZ[19]AP[MultiGo:4.4.4]GN[Rated game]EV[9th Jeongganjang Cup, game 14]
DT[2011-03-28]PB[Rui Naiwei]BR[9p]PW[Park Jieun]WR[9p]KM[6.5]HA[0]RE[W+R]MULTIGOGM[1]


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