Sunday, April 17, 2011

Who Will Challenge Xiao Zhenghao?

The 10th Taiwan Tianyuan league reached its final round. With 1 more game to play, who will win the challenger's seat and fight Xiao Zhenghao Tianyuan in a best-of-5 title series?

The final game is very important for the top 4 players. It will determine who the challenger is and who will bid goodbye to the league. Chen Shiyuan Qiwang is currently on top with 6-0, however Lin Shuyang is right behind him with 5-1. Chen will play Lin Zhihan in the final round, while Lin Shuyang will play Zhang Zhehao. I'm not sure if Chen lost his game, while Lin won his, a tie break will be played, or the outcome will be decided based on rank. Meanwhile, Zhou Junxun and Lin Zhihan fight to stay alive in the league. Both is tied at 4-2, while there could be only 3 persons who stay in the league. All the remaining games will be played at April 19.

Chen Shiyuan

Lin Shuyang

League Standing:
1. Chen Shiyuan 6-0
2. Lin Shuyang 5-1
3. Lin Zhihan 4-2
4. Zhou Junxun 4-2
5. Zhang Zhenghao 2-4
6. Lin Xiuping 2-4
7. Ye Hongyuan 1-5
8. Chen Guanwei 0-6