Friday, April 22, 2011

Chen Shiyuan Became Tianyuan Challenger

The results of the final brawl of the 10th Taiwan Tianyuan were decided. In the final round, Chen Shiyuan (9 dan) won the last game against Lin Zhihan thus won the league by a perfect 7-0.

Chen Shiyuan

Meanwhile, Zhou Junxun (9 dan) also won his final round from Chen Guanwei (2 dan) and made him stay in the league with 5-2.

Final standing:
1. Chen Shiyuan
2. Lin Shuyang
3. Zhou Junxun
4. Lin Zhihan (demoted)
5. Lin Xiuping (demoted)
6. Zhang Zhehao (demoted)
7. Ye Hongyuan (demoted)
8. Chen Guanwei (demoted)