Friday, August 6, 2010

The Meijin Challenger

The 35th Meijin league has ended. Last month, two players, Cho U and Takao Shinji, were tied for the first position. However, no tie break game is needed to determine the challenger, because one won his game while the other lost.

Takao Shinji (9 dan) won his game against Yuki Satoshi thus won the challenger's seat. Meanwhile, Cho lost his game against Ogata Masaki (9 dan).

Cho U (left) vs. Takao Shinji (right) at the challenger decision match Judan 2008

Takao Shinji was Meijin title holder back in 2006. He beat Cho U that time by 4-2, but then Cho took the title back the following year with 4-3 score. This is Takao's second challenge for the title. Will he regain the Meijin? Or will Iyama Yuta defend his title? The first game will be played at September 1-2.

Here is the final position at the league:
1. Takao Shinji (7-1) (Winner)
2. Cho U (6-2)
3. Yuki Satoshi (5-3)
4. Sakai Hideyuki (4-4)
5. Mizokami Tomochika (4-4)
6. Cho Chikun (3-5)
7. O Meien (3-5) (Demoted)
8. Yamada Kimio (2-6) (Demoted)
9. Ogata Masaki (2-6) (Demoted)