Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good Old Rival

It seems that the 58th NHK Cup will provide an interesting match next week. Four times NHK Champion, Cho Chikun will play his archenemy back in the 80s and 90s, two times NHK Champion, Kobayashi Koichi.

The two of them has met many times in many title match games. They also met once at NHK Cup's final back in 2004.

Kobayashi Koichi (left) vs. Cho Chikun at NHK Cup's final in 2004.

Kobayashi Koichi (left) vs. Cho Chikun (right) at the 47th Honinbo title match. Cho who was the title holder won the series by 4-3. He recovered from 0-3 score that time.

Kobayashi Koichi and Cho Chikun at the 10th Kisei title match series. Kobayashi won the series by 4-2.

The game was actually played at July 26, but it will be aired August 22. Kobayashi Koichi beat Lee Ishu (7 dan) at the first round, while Cho Chikun was seeded to second round. I'm looking forward for this match :)