Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chang Hao and Gu Li Were Not Seeded

It seems that both Chang Hao and Gu Li are on their edge. Due to their poor results at international event, both senior players, Gu Li and Chang Hao were not seeded as China's team players at 2010 Nongshim Cup. Instead, they seed the rising Kong Jie and Xie He who gave China 5 consecutive victories at the previous Nongshim edition.

Gu Li

Gu Li entered the preliminary tournament, but lost at the second round to Zhou Ruiyang (5 dan). However, he still has the chance, since he will play at the loser section. His first game at the loser section will be against Piao Wenyao (5 dan). Meanwhile, Chang Hao has lost the preliminary tournament. He lost to Hu Yaoyu (8 dan) at the first round, then lost to Ding Wei (9 dan) at the loser section.

Chang Hao