Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Xie Yimin Won the Third Game

The third game of the 28th Female Honinbo Title was held at October 21. Xie Yimin Female Honinbo and Aoki Kikuyo the challenger both shared 1-1 position. The third game was played at Chiyoda, Tokyo.

Xie played as black and Aoki played white. The game opened with a crosscut joseki in the lower left corner. Aoki played nobi at move 20 to finished the joseki, but I think it's better to play ikken biraki since it's more flexible.

In response of white 20, black played a kakari in the left side. Aoki didn't directly try to create base with a pincer, but prefer to play a solid move at E10. Up to move 43, Aoki made some points in the left side, but ended up with a sealed corner.

Board position up to move 83

After both played for solid corners, Xie Yimin tried to separate white's group at move 85. The plan was a success. Xie got some profits in the lower right due to the attack.

The endgame started after Aoki connected her weak group to her bottom's base. After 271 moves, Xie Yimin won the game by 2.5 points.

With this victory, Xie lead the title matches by 2-1. One more win and she'll defend her title.