Friday, October 23, 2009

Online Playing Troubles

Recently I encounter troubles on playing online go.

When I play at KGS, the lag really drives me crazy. Lag in KGS is not something new, but it's just terrible for me now. I could even lagged for 5 minutes :(

So when KGS really turns me off, I will play at CyberOro. When I started it today, it did an automatic update. When it finished, it was not CyberOro anymore. It changed to WBaduk and I cannot connect to it (well, it said it was connected, but no player name appeared on window, including my name) :(

So I'm back with my old IGS id :) though I must rework my rank there.


kali said...

true, there are some problems with connection, specially with japan1-server. I tried korea1 and when connected the changing of server works.
The new site looks nice, but there are many new funktions an symbols. And help file in english are not working...

Biondy said...

yes it's true. this morning I tried server Korea 2 and it worked. I can log in and watched game there. but the Japan system is not working yet..