Friday, October 2, 2009

Kono Rin's 500 Victories

Kono Rin (9 dan) of Nihon Kiin just scored his 500 victories mark in the Japanese pros world, after his victory over Cho Chikun (Honorary Honinbo) in the League B of the 34th Japanese Kisei. He won by 0.5 moku as white.

Kono Rin (9 dan)

This makes him the 88th person in the history to achieve 500 wins. His records are 500 wins 188 loses and 1 draw with an excellent 72.57% winning percentage.

So far Kono has won 6 titles with Tengen as his most remarkable title, though he lost it to Cho U last year.

おめでとう 河野 先生.