Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hane Naoki Honinbo Won 16th Agon Cup

The final of the 16th Agon Cup was held at October 17. This time, Hane Naoki Honinbo met Cho U Gosei,Tengen,Oza,Judan,and the previous Agon Cup winner.

Cho U

Cho played black in this game while Hane got white. Cho opened the game by playing nadare in the bottom left corner to create a shimari in the bottom board. A battle started in the bottom board where white invaded black's area. In the end, black sacrificed his 5 stones to saved his group. Up to move 120, white was leading on territory.

Board position up to move 83

Cho resigned at move 198. He was behind about 10 points excluding komi on the board. It seems that he is not fully recovered after a long and hard fight during the Meijin title match. His play wasn't as good as usual.

Hane Naoki

Agon Cup is an open tournament for both amateur and professional players , sponsored by Agon, a Buddhist organization. The prize for the winner is ¥10,000,000.