Friday, October 2, 2009

Taiwanese Players' Showdown

The two winners from both league A and league B in the 34th Japanese Kisei have been decided.

In league A, O Rissei (9 dan) made clear swept ater his last victory from Lee Ishu by 1.5 moku. O beat Yoda Norimoto, Takao Shinji, Hane Naoki, Kiyonari Tetsuya, and Lee Ishu to won his right for the challenger decision match's seat.

O Riseei

We have Cho U (Meijin, Judan, Tengen, Oza, Gosei, Agon) as the League B winner with 4-1 result. He beat Iyama Yuta, Cho Chikun. Miyazawa Goro, and Akiyama Jiro to became O Rissei's opponent in the challenger decision match.

Yoda Norimoto the previous League B winner ended up in second place with 3-2 result, while the demoted players are Kiyonari Tetsuya and Lee Ishu who both gained their seats through the preliminaries early this year.

In League A the second placer is Akiyama Jiro who won his seat from the preliminaries this year. Iyama Yuta who was League A winner last year didn't do well this time. He ended up at the fourth place. Lucky for him that his rank in the league was better from Cho Chikun. As the result, Iyama was saved from the demotion, while Cho along with Miyazawa Goro got demoted.

Cho U

If Cho U win the right to be challenger, it will be his first shot for this title. Kisei is the only top 7 title in Japan that he never won before. O Rissei has won the title three times before. He won it concecutively from 2000-2002, before he lost it to Yamashita Keigo. For Yamashita Keigo Kisei, winning the title is very important. If he won the title again, it will be his fifth concecutive victory, which mean that he will be honored the title Honorary Kisei