Thursday, October 8, 2009

Iyama Won the Fourth Game

Iyama Yuta made a bigger gap from the title holder Cho U in the Meijin sen.

In the last game, Iyama challenger played as black. The game started with Iyama played the low Chinese fuseki. Cho made the usual N4 approach and Iyama answered with a pincer.

Board position up to day 1

Day 1 ended with Iyama did the sealing move. The position in the bottom board is already settled for both sides. The rest of the game will be decided by the fight in the upper board.

Iyama handled the sealing move to the referee

In day 2, a fight arose in the upper left corner when Iyama played tsuke at C16. The situation turned out to be a little tricky, but Iyama handled it well and in the end he killed Cho's group.

Now Iyama Yuta is only one win away from capturing the title.

The fifth game ill be played at October 14-15.