Thursday, May 20, 2010

Easy Tsumego

This one is an easy tsumego. It includes standard and must know tesuji.

Black to play and kill. Enjoy :)


Balddy said...

I want to try! :)

o2 if white O16, N1 does the job...

And if he eat, I'll do M1 killing one of his eyes!

Anonymous said...

b O18
w P18
b M19
w N19
b O16

shu said...

i think i will move to M19 first
then if white O18, black can move to O16
or else if white move to O16 or N16, black can move to O18

Marcus said...


If M19 is played first, White can play O16. This leaves N19 and O18 as miai for life for White.