Tuesday, May 11, 2010

65th Honinbo Game 1, Day 1

The 65th Honinbo title match comes to its climax. This year, challenger Yamashita Keigo will battle Hane Naoki Honinbo to steal Hane's title. Today, the first game is played at Hokkaido.

Hane Naoki (left) vs. Yamashita Keigo (right)

From the drawing, Hane Naoki got black for this game.

Yamashita Keigo opened the game by playing an unusual shape in the left side. Usually white will play R10 or R15 in this situation, but he played D5 instead.

White later invade black in the upper board. Black let white took the corner, but he took the initiative to attack white. The game was sealed by Hane on the 71st move. Now the result of this game will be decided by the outcome of the fight.

Hane Naoki handling his sealed move to Ishida Yoshio.

Board position at the end of day 1.