Thursday, May 27, 2010

A 3 kyu Beat 5 dan

News from the 31st World Amateur Go Championship. Who say that when you are 7 stones behind your opponent, you can't win it? Maria Puerta (3 kyu) of Venezuela beat Wan Kou Lou (5 dan) of Macau in the third round of the championship.

Maria Puerta

Wan Kou Lou

Here is Maria's comment of the game:

For most of the game he was in control,’ Puerta said. ‘He had a big territory and I had some dead groups, but then late in the game he let me capture four stones. Perhaps it was just lack of caution on his part, but that four-stone capture joined all my groups together, and inside the large space surrounded by them there was a group of his that only had one eye. He still had his big territory left, but it wasn’t enough, so he resigned.’

She got a big applause when she entered the restaurant for lunch. Too bad that I can't find any game record of the game.