Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Game to See (2)

I found an interesting game from the second stage of the 2009 Korean Baduk League (KBL). The game was played by Lee Changho (9 dan) from Team Kixx vs. Ryu Dongwan (2 dan) from Team T Broad

Lee Changho (9 dan)

The oogeima shimari is quite unusual, since black will need to play one more move to secure the whole corner.

Black 7 is correct I think. Pincer and extend at the same time.

Up to moe 20, both are doing ok.

Move 33 was vital! White should took that place first, instead of closing the corner

White 36 is too deep perhaps, especially considering black's thickness in the upper. Will K4 be enough for white here?

Black 45 was very good. Attacking the white's lonely stone
Black 53 black has lot of threats by attacking white's group in the upper. The ko was favorable for black.

Move 80 up to here, white is still in great danger.
White 90 I wonder if it's better if white play K2 instead to save the group. I don't think white can live inside

Ryu Dongwan (2 dan)

White resigned at move 104.

Lee Changho played a very strong game. Lee's style recently change a lot. He doesn't try to play peaceful anymore. He tried to play a strong middle game and try to finish it in middlegame, instead of try to win in yose.


Nexik said...

IMHO He also prefer endgame but opponents forced him to more active play. BTW This game only show gap between players. Korean League games very often end with one player missed something and get killed :( recently pro master don't have enough time to play good game :(

Biondy said...

hmm... but I think, comparing to Lee's old style, the current's style is "fiercer". I don't follow KBL so I don't really know about it >.<