Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Game Review (1)

This is the recent game I played at KGS. I think I'll start to make a game review in this blog. I'll review either my game or others' that I think suitable for me.

White (Biondy, 1k) vs. Black (Zealda, 1k)

B11 is not very good, since the result is slightly favorable for white.
B15 is a new move. The usual joseki would be (15. B-Q3,W-N3,B-R5,W-Q6,B-Q5,W-S5,B-S4,W-O6). I think B15 is not good, since black ended in gote
W20 is perhaps a mistake in direction. Maybe it's better to approach from the other side

B23 was good. Punishing white's apporach
B35 was strange. Is it better to play at O17 or N17?
W38 is also strange..

B41 was bad timing I think. Since it weaken black's stone at G16
W52 and W54 white's aim were to cut the two groups.

At B69, I think the cut at N14 is better, since it gave black better chance to escape
(69.B-N14,W-L13,B-N16,W-O15,B-M16,W-O16,B-M17,W-O17,B-J17,W-M18,B-N18,W-L18, B-O18, W-K15,B-J15,W-L16,B-K15,W-J18, B-H18,W-H17,B-H16,W-G17,B-G14)
B73 I think it's better to defend the group in the left, since it's bigger

Black resigned at move 99 which I think was too fast. At least he could try to attack white's group in the upper board (K18 group).


Nexik said...

My few cents to the review

with white 16 you should capture the stone. in the game black get great wall without weakness

white 28 is better at 29 because this way you can take advantage of ladder breaker

Weiqi Go said...

Hi there, did you try Eidogo to publish Go games ? That's a great program.

Biondy said...

I tried Eidogo, but I don't know why it didn't work out (perhaps I made a mistake when I set it up)
that's why I don't use it know.