Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Game to See (1)

This is the first A Game to See series. This series talks about game which I think interesting. Have fun ^o^

This is the game from the second round of NHK Cup. NHK Cup is a Japanese blitz tournament which games are aired at NHK channel. The winner and runner-up get the right to be Japan representative at Asian TV Cup. Playing against the winner and runner-up of CCTV Cup (China) and KBS Cup (Korea).

Black: Xie Yimin (Female Meijin,Female Honinbo)
White: Mizokami Tomochika (8 dan)

In this game, Xie Yimin opened the game by one of my favorite opening as black :D
Black can also choose A or B at black 9. If black chose A, white will play at square point. If B, white will play pincer.

White two pincers on the left are natural. I think the joseki choice on the upper left is not so good, since now the stone at C8 is well placed.

Up to move 106, the situation was good for white, since the two marked black's groups are not yet alive. Black's big dragon at the bottom is the most potential to be killed.

Black's move at J9 and K11 were key moves. Black attacked two white's groups at the same time. Giving her potential to save her group.
White 168 is clearly a losing move. Mizokami realized it right after he played it.
White resigned at move 171. His group on the right was captured.

This year, the women do very well. So far three from four women made it to the second round. They are Xie Yimin, Suzuki Ayumi, and Umezawa Yukari, while Xie is the first to made it to the third round. I wonder if Suzuki (who will play against Kobayashi Satoru, 9 dan) and Umezawa (who will play against Kataoka Satoshi, 9 dan) will follow Xie's victory.

Xie will play the winner between Ogata Masaki vs. Yuki Satoshi (the previous NHK Cup winner) in the third round.