Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Park Jieun Beat Song Ronghui

After winning six straight games in the 7th Jeongganjang Cup, Song Ronghui from China was eliminated from the Cup, after losing to Park Jieun (also spelled as Park Shiun) from Korea.

Song Ronghui met Park Jieun in the semi-final of 1st WMSG Individual Woman section back in 2008. It seems Park was motivated enough for taking revenge from Song this time.Last year Park didn't play at all. Lee Minjin won the last game and gave Korea victory.

Park, who was promoted to 9 dan last year and became the third 9d woman (the first from Korea), played as white and Song as black, both played a territory oriented opening. The game was interesting.
After splitting Song's attacking stones to two groups, Park kept the initiative in attacking the weak group in the middle. I think Song lost her pace of the game after the exchange from move 110-115.Eventhough she completed her bottom territories, she weakened her middle group and gave Park a big move at C2.

Song Rongui (B) vs. Park Jieun (W) game up to move 67

Song Ronghui resigned at move 148 after she failed to attack white's moyo in the left.